Prescription Refill

 Prescription Refill Policy of

Main Street Medical Care

1.      When you are within 5 days of running out of your prescription medicine, contact your pharmacy for a refill request and have the pharmacy fax that request to 972-221-3522.
2.      Please allow up to 72 hours to process your refill request.
3.      Prescription refills will only be authorized during normal business hours.
4.      Please note that certain medications require routine office visits for monitoring. In general, our protocols for follow up visits are as follows:
a. High blood pressure – well controlled  
every 6 months
b. High blood pressure – poorly controlled every 1 month
c. High cholesterol  
every 6 months
d. Diabetes – well controlled every 3 months
e. Diabetes – poorly controlled every 1 month
f. Asthma – well controlled every 6 months
g. Asthma – poorly controlled every 3 months
h. Depression – well controlled
every 6 months
i. Depression – poorly controlled every 1 month
j. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) every 3 months

5.      No controlled substances – including narcotic pain killers – will be called in after hours or on weekends.
6.      If you require a refill request be processed in less than 72 hours, a visit will be necessary.
Main Street Medical Care
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Lewisville, TX 75057


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